Monday, August 4, 2014

Summertime Projects

Let's face it - summer isn't peak crocheting season.  I don't think many crocheters crank out a lot of hot projects. However, if you want to work your craft, you'll likely find some fun, small pieces to make up. 
Our summer has been pretty packed with things to do but I was able to carve out some crafty time nonetheless.  Here are a some projects ....

Same blanket, different angles.

I hosted Bunco in June and made up these sleep masks as prizes.

I was supposed to mail a pillow case out at the beginning of June for a swap I participated in.  I just mailed it today - only two months late!  This simple pillow project caused quite a few headaches.  I'm quite glad it is done.
Here it is stuffed with one of my pillow forms, but the form stayed with me and I just mailed the cover.

Last week we attended a 10th birthday party for a boy/girl set of twins.  I was busy preparing/running our garage sale so I didn't get out to buy a present.  Instead, I gave them a "gift certificate" good for a crocheted hat in the pattern and colors of their choosing.  The girl picked this lamb hat.  I gave it to her this morning and shortly afterwards her twin brother came over to pick out his hat!  (He chose a Chief's theme.) 

I've already moved on to my next project.  It has to be done in about a week so I know what I'll be doing every night after the boys go to bed!

What have been crafting this summer?

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